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Picture the Scene... A Bar In Nottingham, early January 2017. Three middle aged men sitting round a table having a drink.

There we sat with a full dose of Post-Christmas blues, moaning about how we never do anything anymore. Once we were going to change the world, now all we do is live normal boring lives.

We started to talk about what we had done in our Younger days. The Dumb things we had done, the even dumber things we had done. The various injuries we had picked up. The spirit of youth was re-kindled. But What to do?.

Talk of adventures filled the air, but all ideas bar one did not get a consensus - lets do a banger Rally!. A quick look online showed a few, but none fitted the bill, some did not appeal or the dates did not fit in with Family holidays or other commitments.

So what to do? Why not just the three of use do the tour and have a Goodbye EU tour around Europe. I had Recently bought a mk4 Mondeo and my old Mk3 Mondeo ( over 145,000 miles on the Clock ) was sitting on the drive waiting to be sold.

The Plan was hatched, I would get the car sorted ( MOT, Brakes etc) and come early June we would tour Europe!


About 3 months later it all fell apart. Work commitments, Family Commitments saw the other two guys bale out.

Like many plans people make over a beer or two the idea never took off. At this point I could have scrapped the whole idea and just sold the car.

But no, I decided at my age there may not be many chances to do something like this again. So I decided to go on my own. A one man road trip round Europe!

The Premise was to celebrate or grieve ( depending on your view ) the UK leaving the EU ( AKA Brexit ).


Once the wife realised I was serious about going to do the trip, she talked to our Son and they decided they would accompany me on the first part to visit a Theme park near Strasbourg.

So the first 4 days would be a family trip to Germany.


The theme Tune for the Trip.

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