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Heading to Moneglia today, another Itailian coastal resort.



On the way I was delayed by a strange single track tunnel ( more on that later ).

But this delay allowed me to find what was possibly the best swimming beach of the whole trip.

If you like your Sea swimming to be in deep, clear and warm water. This is the place for you.

Beach location in google maps


This beach would have been perfect except for the shipyard at the far end of the beach.


And it is a shipyard, they are not building small boats.


After a lazy couple of hours on the beach ( hired an Umbrella to keep cool, but managed to burn my feet on the sand walking the 10 meters to the beach bar. It was damm hot) I headed off to Moneglia.

Now I had time to review the strange single track tunnel, that was at the back of the beach.

Speaking to the locals waiting to use it, they told me its an old railway tunnel only wide enough to use as a single track road. They said the other local roads are very indirect.

It opens up for about 7 minutes, there is then 3 minutes for the traffic to drive through the tunnel. Then the Tunnel opens in the other direction and so on

The Times are set and don't change, this means you end up with lots of parked cars and people milling round at each end of the tunnel. Still means I added a few more signatures to the car.


Moneglia really hugs the coast. Most of the town is between the beach and a railway line. The railway is usually the quickest way to go up and down the coast.


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