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Today Barcalona. As I had been unable to find a room near the centre for a reasonable price online, I planned to try and find a room on spec. just turn up to a hotel and try and cut a deal.

This was never going to happen, the traffic in Barcelona is Manic, bad parking, crazy drivers, traffic lights every 50 meters ( or so it seemed), lots of road works and kamikaze tourists.

I parked by the beach and walked into the town, tried a couple of hotels but the prices they wanted were to high (at least 150 euro for the night ).

Went back to the beach, had lunch, watched the Japanese tourists. Went online and booked a hotel up the coast.


Nice place, but it's very busy.


Need to mention the taxis in Barcelona, I called then the killer bees. Most are hybrid and almost silent. I and a few other people had a close shave with them. So keep your eyes peeled when walking around Barcelona


Went to the Hotel in Pineda de Mar, another one on the road that runs Parallel to the beach with a train line between the hotel and the Beach. The local bar had cheap beer.


The sea warm, but there were lots of waves and rough water, a place for strong swimmers only. Just off shore there was dredging taking place for beach reconstruction, they even worked into the night.


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