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By now, I had decided to start heading back towards the UK. Looked at the map and decided to go to Clermont-Ferrand as it was around the middle of France. I had never been there but would use the location to make a decision on where to go next.


As usual the services on the French motorways are wonderful, The majority of UK motorway services are terrible in comparison.


I drove up France via the Millau Viaduct, I had crossed this bridge before but never stopped.

Stopping at the rest / viewing area at the bridge, you'll find a history of the building of the bridge, Cafe and a view down the valley to Millau and parts of the old road.

There is a viewing area, but it's a long steep zig zag walk up to the viewing area from the car park. But you get great views of the bridge and the surprisingly quiet road.


Arrived at the hotel, not great but cheap and parking on site. Plus it was only half a mile out of the town.


Walked into town, past another load of Graffiti. They seem to embrace Graffiti in Europe. It's better than just blank walls on closed buildings.

Clermont-Ferrand was not exactly buzzing tonight, but its Tuesday night and the Students appear to be on holiday.

I found a great bar, playing Rock / Punk / pop punk etc. Got talking to the barman, he said the town is heaving at the weekend and Tuesday is not a busy night.

Had a couple of beers at the bar, the barman gave me tour of the bar, including the "Dungeon". This turned out to be a beer cellar cut into the sandstone rock, Just like many pubs in Nottingham.


Tonight I needed to decide where to go next. It was between Le Mans or the Nurburgring, to decide I tossed a coin. Nurburgring it was. Only problem is it's a long way to the Nurburgring.

Looking at the map to find a place to stay on the way to the Nurburgring. A couple of names popped out, a Nancy night or a Metz night. As I had once owned a Metz flashgun, I chose Metz.


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