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A quick tour of Bormio and the trip to San Fedele Intelvi via Lake Como.


An Early morning walk around Bormio.


Later during the day many cyclists appeared.


Walking to the main road though the village, I saw many Cyclists and bikers going up and down the passes leading from Bormio.

Although this was a Saturday Morning, it reminded me of Matlock Bath in Derbyshire on a sunny Sunday afternoon.


I had tried to find a hotel by Lake Como but it would have cost to much. so I booked into a hotel in the village of San Fedele Intelvi in the mountains nearby. I still visited the Lake on the way to the hotel and bumped into a Wedding Photoshoot.


My Hotel in San Fedele Intelvi and view from my room.

Hotel location in google maps


That evening, I walked into the Village and entered the Twilight zone.

First I met a religious festival walking up the road.

Next, There was American style line dancing in a Piazza.

As part of this event, Craft beer was on sale - Suffolk Cider!.

I spoke to a couple locals who thought this was quite normal and i should just enjoy it.

Sometimes its best just to sit back and enjoy.


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