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This site was last updated: 19th May 2009 - The Ring, the Journey

This is a site that documents the idea about taking a cheap car to the Nurburgring and seeing if we and it survives. To save you time the answer is probably not, see The day at the Ring section. Expect more photos, stories and videos to be added over the next few days.

After doing a couple of Banger rallies ( Staples to Naples 2007 / 2008, see - Staples 2 Naples banger rally 2007 and - Staples 2 Naples banger rally 2008 even tracked the event - http://www.a-trip.com/tracks/view/4468 and failing to take the car around the Numbugring due to getting lost! ( don’t blindly trust your satnav ). I decided to take on the Nurbugring in 2009.

Originally I was not planning to go cheap, I looked at a MR2 for £500, it needed a bit of welding and the brakes looking at. Trouble was I started thinking about improving the suspension, engine, brakes, tyres, wheels etc. Later that day someone told me a Hearse might be available, my only thought was - what colour do I paint it?

This caused a revelation, I was taking things too seriously this was supposed to be fun.

I started to think about what car to use, Banger rally type rules seemed a good idea. Car should cost no more than £300 ( as we will be stressing the car, I think going too low was not an option, so I doubled the S2N price ), next no more than £200 pounds  improving the Car. I suspect most of the money will go on tyres and brakes.

Back in my old motorcycle racing days ( engage rose coloured spectacles ), racing a relatively low powered bike ( Yamaha 350LC ) was mad. Generally you could use all the power of the bike without getting into too much trouble and ( for the time ) the small size and light weight  made for quick handling. It was quite easy to embarrass guys on far larger bikes. Of course I hardly remember the crashes, the metal plates, hospital food and CCJ.

So I arrived at the following rules:
Price of Car: £300 max.
Size: Astra / Escort or smaller.
Now all I have to do is find the car.

We can be contacted at NIAN@SMFPICS.COM