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This site was last updated: 19th May 2009

This page should show the day in all its glory ( or failure ).

Expect to see lots of pictures and stories of heroic deeds you shall tell your children and they shall tell to their children on the warm winter nights long into the future ( how true this prediction turned out ).

17th May 2009

As we were only a few hundred metres from the entrance, we had a relaxing breakfast and then took the sickly car to the ring. As it was my car I got to go first, I bought a one lap ticket ( 22 Euros ) and after a photo shoot session took to the ring.


The team

before we had taken the Tigra on the track.


I followed out a MPV on to the track and slowly started my way round, the track was wet and I was worried about the car. But after a minute I just started to put the put the pedal down, The car was doing fine I started to slip and slide around a bit while catching up the MPV. Only for me to slow down for a corner and when I accelerated all I could hear was a loud rhythmic banging. I know straight away the Crank had gone. On went the Hazards and i cruised slowly back to the exit. It did not sound well see the youtube video below

after a discussion we decided to hire a Ring car ( a production car built to go round the ring ). This was not cheap. We hired a Alpha 75, An old car but one that was supposed to handle really well. After a long wait we got the car, Kev had won the first lap.

Kev ready for the track

This was before he had driven the hire car.


Kev went out on the track and we waited, and waited and waited. After around 25 minutes kev returned, driving slowly and looking sheepish. He had spun the car and got stuck on the grass. As we were not sure if he had damaged the car we returned to the hire Garage for them to check it out.

The link below is a GPS tracking of Kev's lap complete with spin ( no photos yet ). - Kev's Lap with spin

Kev looks at his handy work

This was before he had been given a lecture by the owner of the hire cars.


What followed next can only be described as a naughty boy being told off be the headmaster. After a good talking to for 20 minutes and a close examination of the car. we were told we could only go out again if we had an instructor ( which we would have to pay for ).

After another wait as the track was closed again (it was shut 4 times during the day because of accidents ). Jon went out for his laps, it started rain and after a major moment we had to swap cars to one with rain tyres as the semi slicks were not working on the damp / wet track. I ( Steve ) went out in the new car, it was a left-hand drive, the gearbox was slow and clunky, the brakes were dead. While the car handled really well I could not get any real speed or cornering because of the weather, the gearbox (kept being in the wrong gear) and being blized by far faster cars / drivers. Kev then went out for his final lap.

So what had we learned - basically a nail car could go to the ring and go round. Just take it easy getting there. At the NUrburgring, its not top speed its mostly down to acceleration, breaking and nerve. I would estimate you need to do at least 10 laps before you could get upto any sort of real speed / knowledge of the track.

what is the Nurburgring like to drive

Totally unlike any race circuit I have been on before. Most modern are circuits are almost flat and have a flowing lap. The Nurburgring has many climbs and dips (including yumps and dips at braking points), it does not flow, its bumpy, the track surface changes everywhere, there are several blind corners, the armco is right by the track, cambers are all over the place. This track is a major challenge, while circuits like Donnington are all about flow and maintaining speed. The Nurburgring ring is about respect for the circuit, you and your cars limits, ignore any of these three and you will have an accident ( possibly fatal ).

Who goes on the Ring?

Anybody and everybody. From old ladies in 1.0 polos to the most expensive cars you can buy, people take their friends around as passengers. Bikes and cars are mixed on the track. This track is a real challange, but if you get it right it will be so rewarding.If you want to go, then go. Just remember to take it easy for the first couple of laps.

Would I go again?

Yes, but only in a car I know. I would want to spend at least two days getting to know the track and building up the speed. The Nurburgring is wonderful, but you need time to learn it.

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