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Photographs taken by Steve Fisher
- Bands
- Patchworkgrace - 4th Dec 2005
- The Long Blonds - 16th Oct 2006
- The Sugars - 16th Oct 2006
- The 1990's - 16th Oct 2006
- King of Slugs, frontiers and Censored, 19th December 2008 ( *** Found in 2016 *** )
- Yunioshi, Swimming, love Inks - 23rd Sep 2011
- Heavy Heads, Frankie Rudolf, I'm a Model Baby and Adam Zareba - 28th Sep 2012
- The Union, Scriptures, the Gorgeous Chans and The Bystanders - 9th November 2012
- Ten Tides, Sink the City, The Repent, Skies in Motion - 4th December 2012
- Nina Smith and Petebox - 8th December 2012
- OneGirloneBoy, Georgie Rose and Bitter Strings - 14th February 2013
- JD & the FDC's and Poizon - 2nd March 2013
- Disturbing the Depths, Paper Cape, The Bystanders, The Gorgeous Chans and Long Dead Signal - 27th March 2013
- These Skies and Pilgrim - 4th May 2013
- Airstryke, Stop Stop and Poizon - 7th December 2013
- Wasteland, Theia, New Generation Super Stars & Patriot Rebel, 5th August 2014
- Common Ground, The Javelins, Deco and The Species, 14th October 2014
- BAMALAMASINGSONG - Friday 24th July 2015 at The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
- Cut The Heroics, Hello Tomorrow, The Spangle Corps, Harken and Adelphia, 16th January 2016
- BAMALAMASINGSONG at the Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 1st April 2016
- Further Than Forever, Beckon Lane, A Dying Pride supporting and Patriot Rebel UK EP Launch night, 27th May 2016
- BAMALAMASINGSONG at the Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 17th June 2016
- Kunt and The Gang - Last ever Nottingham show!, 28th October 2016
- Bamalamasingsong, The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 7th July 2017
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- Dates
- 4th Dec 2005
- 16th Oct 2006
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This is a site displays photographs taken by Steve Fisher of Nottingham. The Photos were taken at The Rescue Rooms, Notingham. All photographs on this site are the copyright of Steve Fisher.

The images on this site are reduced in size and quality to reduce download time.

It is a deliberate choice to keep this page simple and text based, as many of the other pages on this site contain a significant number of images that can (depending on your connection speed) take time to download.

Steve Fisher can be contacted at SMF@SMFPICS.COM

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