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Photographs taken by Steve Fisher
- Bands / Events
- Monkeys of the High Seas
- Drunken Balordi
- The Junk, Jimmey the Squirrel, The Sneaks and the Skints
- Arsefullofchips and others
- Arsefullofchips and many other Ska / punk bands
- Mokshah, Long Dead signal, Maniere Des Bohemiens, Hot Japanese Girl, Captain Dangerous and Baby Godzilla at the New Years Eve party
- JD and the FDC's
- Spittin inc, Def Goldblum, the Broken Door, The Afterdark Movement and Our Helical Mind
- Batronic, January 2012
- Batronic, March 2012
- The Broken Door, Our Helical Mind and The Afterdark Movement
- Dick & the Terrortones, Vince Ripper and The Rodent Show
- Stuck in 2nd and By the Rivers
- The Censor Penguins, Robin Leitch, Mighty Vipers and Arse Full of Chips
- The Afterdark Movement EP launch
- RubberDub SoundSystem Carnival Afterparty
- The Afterdark Movement and others
- Last Ever Arse Full of Chips Gig with Rob Taylor, Kick the Rabbit and Monkish
- Thee Eviltones, James Warner Prophecies and Eureka Machines
- Brouhaha with Hey Quadrophonic, Johnny Kolalski & The Sexy Weirdos and Circus Insane
- NIGHTMARE - System:FX + Metaltech + Tapewyrm
- Muha, Stuck In 2nd and China Shop Bull at Brouhaha
- Brouhaha with Motormouf, Bendigo Band and King Porter Stomp
- Brouhaha, New Years Eve Masqueerade Ball, with Motormour, Asmore, Blessing Tafadzwa Magore, Seas Of Mirth and Bendigo
- Liam Okane, Ashmore & Motormouf, Hallouminati and Bison
- Cibele, Ellie Keegan, Alex Milne, Yasmin Issaka, Blessing Magore, Bud, Unknown Era and The Afterdark Movement
- PERDITION vs. Violated, 23rd October 2015
- JD And The FDCs, Mr Shiraz and Eureka Machines, 19th November 2015
- The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican, 19th December 2015
- Brouhaha with Revenge of Calculon, The Edi Johnston Bit, Motormouf and Unknown Era, 31st December 2015
- UNKNOWN ERA & FRIENDS (Kane / Josh / Gaz / Mollie's Birthday mess!), 3rd June 2016
- Stars in their eyes, 18th June 2016
- Sophie Sparham, Paul Carter, Addictive Philosophy and Faintest Idea, 9th November 2016
- The Dandylions, The Zipheads, Francobollo and Seas of Mirth, 9th December 2016
- The SwingFires, Vince Ray's Loser Machine, Jesse James & The Outlaws and The Slingshots, 25th February 2017
- Karl Phillips and the Rejects, the Stiff Joints, Counting Coins and Unknown Era, 31st March 2017
- One Night In Nottingham Vol III - The 'Dave' Reckoning!, Techno night, 19th May 2017
- JD & the FDCs - The Final Big Rock Show, 8th July 2017
- The Jellyfish are calling, The Rutherfords, Desensitised, The Shrives and Buster Shuffle, 26th January 2018
- The Sneaks, Shark Party, Punch Drunk and Buenos Treehouse, 31st May 2018
- Galivantes, Popes of Chillitown and Unknown Era, 2nd of June 2018
- Phatfoxx, Hallouminati at Hallouminati Album Launch, 8th of June 2018
- Alex Bradford, Mollie Ralph, Chloe Rodgers, The Jellyfish are Calling, and the NottingJam Orchestra, 21st June 2018
- Lauren April - Ep Launch with Tori Sheard and Kalli Ashton, 20th July 2018
- Patriot Rebel, 16th November 2018
- Black Parade - 00's Emo Anthems, 16th November 2018
- 10 Years Of ‘Stars In Their Eyes’ , The Maze, Nottingham, 17th November 2018
- Unknown Era, The Collective Band, Seas Of Mirth + Mampi swift, 31st December 2018
- Ben From The Maze Presents: His 25th Birthday, 23rd January 2019
- Mashochism 2.019, 1st February 2019
- CC#3 - Hosted by EURGH - Bloc2Bloc - 9th March 2019
- Black Parade - 00's Emo Anthems, 22nd March 2019
- Bass Invasion, 4th May 2019.
- Scott Bugg & The Vital Few, 13th June 2019
- Last Night of the Maze, 29th June 2019

- Zoomable photos of the Maze, Taken June 2019

- Steve Fisher's photgraphy home page
- smfpics Home page

This is a site displays photographs taken by Steve Fisher of Nottingham. The Photos were taken at The Maze, Nottingham ( This venue is now closed ). All photographs on this site are the copyright of Steve Fisher.

The images on this site are reduced in size and quality to reduce download time.

It is a deliberate choice to keep this page simple and text based, as many of the other pages on this site contain a significant number of images that can (depending on your connection speed) take time to download.

Steve Fisher can be contacted at SMF@SMFPICS.COM

This site was last updated: 5th May 2020 ( Zoomable photos of the Maze, Taken June 2019 )

The Maze is now closed.