Photographs taken by Steve Fisher
- Bands
- Red Hot Riot, 8th October 2021
- Locals, Punch Drunk and Youwantfox - 2nd October 2021
- Red Hot Riot, 10th September 2021
- The Great Manta, Opensight and Dakesis - 6th November 2021
- Easy Thomas Blues Band, 8th January 2022
- i am albatross, Malvis Key, Kill The Moon - 22nd February 2022
- NDEEP / Jack (DIY) / Rockin Rob (Smokescreen)/ Animist / Chubz & Nukem, 11th March 2022
- Lexi lane, Extinction Six and Beejarabbit, 3rd May 2022
- Comet Rockers, 14th October 2022
- Ellie Torrance, Clementines, Cheap Dirty Horse, KHARTOUM, 8th November 2022
- Belinda & the Hippies, Junction 907, Vardy Band, 17th January 2023
- Araya, Dog-Tricks and Badhand 21st February 2023
- Minatore, 14th March 2023
- SUBWORX x BASS INVASION with DOJI Soundsystem, 18th March 2023
- Headstock event, 2nd June 2023
- The McCurdy Brothers, 2nd June 2023

This is a site that primarily displays photographs taken by Steve Fisher of Nottingham. Most of the pages are based around Photo Galleries. All photographs on this site are the copyright of Steve Fisher.

The images on this site are reduced in size and quality to reduce download time.

The images were taken at Percy Picklebackers, Nottingham.

It is a deliberate choice to keep this home page simple and mostly text based, as many of the other pages on this site contain a significant number of images that can (depending on your connection speed) take time to download.

I can be contacted at SMF@SMFPICS.COM

This site was last updated: 5th june 2023 ( Headstock event ( upstairs ), The McCurdy Brothers ( downstairs ), 2nd June 2023 )