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Photographs taken by Steve Fisher
- Bands
- Rock City in the early 1980's
- Swound, 3rd November 2009
- My Ruin and others, 17th March 2011
- Wraith and Broken city Saints, 7th April 2012
- Calatrilloz and Evil Scarecrow,28th April 2012
- Poizon supported by Dead City Ruins, 2nd June 2012
- Harriet, Adelphia,Theia, Patriot Rebels and Eva Plays Dead, 16th March 2013
- Toadstool, Teenage Casket Company and Slam Cartel, 14th September 2013
- Paradise Pill, Empire 35, Lock Up Laura, Hellbound Hearts and Patriot Rebel, 23rd January 2015
- Mike Gibbins, Gone and Lost It, Kunt and the Gang,30th October 2015
- Parasight, Nasty High, Harken and Patriot Rebel, Rock City, 21st January 2017
- Dog Tired, The Men That Will Be Blamed for Nothing, Evil Scarecrow, 28th January 2017
- Say The Word, Hello Tomorrow, Where There's Life, Ocean Floor and High Tides, 17th March 2017
- Dead on Arrival, Descending Angels, Famous For Nothing and The Parasite Syndicate, 1st April 2017
- A Hundred Crowns, Bad Llama, Phattfox, Neverise and Dead On Arrival, 18th August 2017
- Arse Full Of Chips - The Inevitable Reunion Gig Preperation and VIP show, 25th November 2017
- Arse Full Of Chips - The Inevitable Reunion Gig with support from the Shrives, 25th November 2017
- Stuck in 2nd, Breadchasers, Jimmy the Squirrel and Weeble, 8th December 2018
- Crosslight, Sister Shotgun, Fahran and Skarlett Riot, 28th March 2019
- George Gadd and Buenos Treehouse, 27th July 2019
- Pride Balloon drop at Hey,Hey,Hey - 27th July 2019

- Other stuff
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This is a site displays photographs taken by Steve Fisher of Nottingham. The photos were taken at Rock City, Nottingham. All photographs on this site are the copyright of Steve Fisher.

The images on this site are reduced in size and quality to reduce download time.

It is a deliberate choice to keep this page simple and text based, as many of the other pages on this site contain a significant number of images that can (depending on your connection speed) take time to download.

Steve Fisher can be contacted at SMF@SMFPICS.COM

This site was last updated: 11th December 2020 ( added link to back catalogue images from the early 1980's )