Photographs taken by Steve Fisher
- Bands
- Ratbiter, Nervous Twitch, Mother and Bus Stop Madonnas - 9th May 2014
- Dick Venom & the Terrortones - 8th July 2014
- Catbone, The Damn Heavy, No! Disco and You Want Fox - 4th December 2015
- Al Rate, Dystopia, Jess Kenton - 20th January 2016
- John Hardy, Paul Spry, The Joker & The Thief, Edi Johnston - 17th February 2016
- Lach's Antifolk Tour: The Nottingham Show - 13th October 2017
- Scott Bugg & The Vital Few - Sunny Daze EP Launch, support from Chloe Rodgers and Mollie Ralph, 28th September 2018
- Scott Bugg & The Vital Few at The Running Horse, Nottingham, 23rd March 2019
- Esme and Izzy, Chloe Rodgers, Mollie Ralph, 5th October 2019
- Scott Bugg & The Vital Few, 23rd October 2021
- Scott Bugg & The Vital Few, 16th April 2022
- Becky Syson, Ellie Owen and Charlotte Rushton, 16th September 2022
- Chloe Rodgers FULL BAND SHOW, 3rd December 2022
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This is a site that primarily displays photographs taken by Steve Fisher of Nottingham. Most of the pages are based around Photo Galleries. All photographs on this site are the copyright of Steve Fisher.

The images on this site are reduced in size and quality to reduce download time.

The images were taken at The Running Horse, Nottingham.

It is a deliberate choice to keep this home page simple and mostly text based, as many of the other pages on this site contain a significant number of images that can (depending on your connection speed) take time to download.

I can be contacted at SMF@SMFPICS.COM

This site was last updated: 7th December 2022 ( Chloe Rodgers FULL BAND SHOW, 3rd December 2022 )